Know Yourself and Improve your Communication and Relationships

My Journey with NVC 

I discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in September 2018. Since then, I regularly participate in a practice group, occasionally attend training sessions, and recently joined an empathic cafe. 

Back in 2018, just two months after this discovery, I wanted to embark on the certification journey. The idea resurfaced in 2023. I am already integrating my experience and some knowledge within the limits of my competencies in the training sessions I conduct. 

My Experience 

I love Nonviolent Communication! It has greatly enriched my life. For five years now, I’ve been sharing with other interested individuals the desire to deepen and improve my connection with myself, others, and life in general. 

In relaxed and supportive settings, we explore our needs, questions, emotions, and expressions. We delve into topics, practice empathic listening, and develop strategies to contribute to everyone’s well-being. 

My Perspective as an Autistic Person 

I can highly recommend this approach and these frameworks! Nonviolent Communication has helped and continues to help me clarify my needs and find solutions. 

It also assists me in experiencing deep and sincere relationships, taking care of myself, and communicating my boundaries. It helps me clarify misunderstandings, express my needs, and also hear the needs of others. 

It simplifies my daily life, enhances my well-being and quality of life, and contributes to the development of my friendships and partnership. Being more aware of my needs and nurturing them, alone or together, reduces my experience of frustration, anger, and sadness and increases simplicity, satisfaction, and lightness. 

Discover Nonviolent Communication 

If you’re interested, I can recommend Farrah Carlier’s course. You can find more information and the registration form on her website: (French). Here are the upcoming dates and topics for the 2024 course in Luxembourg and in Brussels: 

  • 12-14 January 2024 Lux – Session 1 – Discovering NVC 
  • 02-04 February 2023 Lux – Session 2 – Self-empathy 
  • 08-10 March 2023 Lux – Session 3 – Shame, anger, and guilt 
  • 22-24 March 2024 Bru – Session 4 – “Language” of the Giraffe 
  • 10-12 May 2024 Bru – Session 5 – Interculturality 
  • 07-09 June 2024 Bru – Session 6 – Dependency 

In the “Resources” > “Partners” section on her website, you’ll find other training opportunities with different trainers. There are many training sessions abroad. Here is the website of a trainer in Germany with whom I took my first steps: Kerstin König, (German). 

Free offers in Luxembourg 

In Luxembourg, we currently offer two formats: the practice group and the empathic cafe. Both are free, and the venues and facilitation are provided on a voluntary basis. Organization and exchanges occur in a WhatsApp group. 

The practice group has been around since approximately 2013. Interested individuals meet in person about 8-10 times a year for a duration of 3 hours. Working language: French. Venues: Luxembourg City. Dates: usually Friday evenings, Saturdays, or Sundays. Admission requirements: have completed a minimum of 4-6 days of training with a certified CNVC trainer and sent a letter of motivation to Farrah Carlier. 

The empathic cafe has existed since August 2023. Interested individuals meet via video conference approximately every 3-4 weeks for an hour. Working language: French. Dates: we alternate between Thursday and Friday evenings. Admission requirements: Have completed the basic modules (at least 4 days). 

My Wish 

I hope that many more people in Luxembourg become interested in Nonviolent Communication! And that we can offer formats in the Luxembourgish language one day, perhaps already next year. I would like more people to experience the benefits that come with discovering the choice, richness, and freedom of being aware of one’s needs and knowing that there are many possible strategies to take care of them. 

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