About me

That’s how I’m doing now

Since I understand how I “tick”, I can make sure that I am doing well.

Through sharing with other autistic people and the guidance of autistic professionals, I have learned to accept and appreciate myself as I am. I now regularly use techniques and routines that bring me well-being, connection and success.

Since my late diagnosis at the age of 26, much has changed. I now have wonderful friendships, live mostly independently, am in a happy relationship, spent 7 years as an employee and am now on the path to becoming a self-employed autistic consultant and trainer, advocating for a better quality of life for autistic people and those around them.

I pass on the knowledge and skills I have acquired. My life experience has given me a deep understanding of autism as well as how to navigate challenges. Additionally, I draw on my education as an educational scientist, professional experience in communication and training as well as further training in non-violent communication, self- and co-regulation and potential development.

Values I particularly appreciate: Authenticity, honesty, responsibility, self-awareness, balance, reciprocity, presence, and clarity. 

I have a keen interest in mental health and self-regulation, trauma research and resilience, wellbeing and empowerment, non-violent communication, neuropsychology, inclusion and autism. I also love laughter, learning, connection, the sea, silence, lightness, fun and contentment.

My difficulties before diagnosis and support 

  • I experienced several burnouts because I didn’t know that I was often in a state of sensory overstimulation, that I needed more time to process information, and that social interactions exhausted me.
  • The clash between my direct way of communicating and how non-autistic people speak often led to conflicts and hurt feelings.
  • I regularly had misunderstandings with other people; they didn’t understand me, and I didn’t understand them either.
  • Most of the time, my difficulties and questions were not shared by others, and I remained alone with them.
  • I was often overwhelmed by my intense emotions, which I didn’t understand and didn’t know how to manage.
  • I didn’t know how to assess people or if they were trustworthy, or what information I could share with whom.

My journey and education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science of Education at the University of Luxembourg 
  • 8 1/2 years of awareness and training in autism and inclusion
  • 7 years of professional experience in communication, training, and project management within an organization aimed at informing people with disabilities and supporting the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • 5 years of participation in non-violent communication courses and training groups with Farrah Carlier and Kerstin König 
  • Master’s studies in organizational development and inclusion (2024-2026) at Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Certificate as potential development coach according to Gérald Hüther
  • Certificate as S-O-S trainer for emotional first aid and stress regulation according to Kati Bohnet
  • Ongoing training in autism, inclusion, diversity, intersectionality, Somatic Experiencing, polyvagal theory and Mental Health First Aid 
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