Realize your goals. 

There are several ways you can achieve your goals. Here, I offer you various options. 

More offers to come.

General information about autism, autistic individuals, and resources. You can educate yourself and, if needed, contact professionals. For example, for a diagnostic process.

Video logs and newsletters with practical tips and insider knowledge from an autistic perspective for an autism-friendly life.

Personal exchange with me. I provide a space where you can express yourself, where you are heard, seen, understood, and supported. It is very comforting, reassuring, and empowering to truly be understood and feel that there are people who share your life experiences and know what you are talking about.

Individual practice sessions and group practice sessions on various topics. Currently available: emotions, communication, boundaries, autism-friendliness, self-care, special interests.

Autism awareness sessions. Especially for non-autistic individuals who have autistic people in their professional or personal environment, to understand autism and discuss their questions or concerns with me.

Consulting with companies, organisations, schools, etc. to improve understanding of autism and the successful creation of autism-friendly environments.

On these topics

On these topics, I can support, inform, and/or refer you to appropriate experts.

  • Discover your sensory profile with your stressors and resources
  • Develop an appropriate way of dealing with limits and autistic burnout
  • Adapt UX and UI to the needs of autistic individuals
  • Improve communication between autistic and non-autistic people
  • Understand self- and co-regulation for autistic individuals and their surroundings
  • Create an autism-friendly workplace and prevent autism unfriendliness
  • Take a stand against bullying, discrimination, and exclusion
  • Take sustainable care of your mental health
  • Explore the autism spectrum
  • Diagnosis – what to do next?
  • Consciously implement routines and structure
  • Successfully go shopping

More topics to come.

Interested? Then write to me about what you want. I will support you.

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